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The Roots is listener supported Internet based streaming radio station with no commercials. Please click on the Membership link to become a Roots Member. Click on "Email Sign Up" below to subscribe to our mailing list. We will keep you informed of everything happening at The Roots!

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Roots Rock & Roll Auction
Vinyl Collectables

  • Regatta De Blanc by The Police, on two 10-inch vinyl LP's
  • The Cars "Shake it Up" Picture Disc, side 2 features the KMET logo
  • Charlie "Fight Dirty" Vinyl picture disc in excellent condition
  • Joe Cocker "Luxury you can Afford" Vinyl Picture Disc
Plus many more !!!

Roots Rock & Roll Auction
Beatles Abbey Road Picture Disc

The Beatles Abby Road Vinyl picture disc in good condition (the photograph is of the actual disc.)

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The Roots Open House Gallery

Gypsy Concert Gallery

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The Roots Loot

TheRoots.FM Fitted Polyester Face Mask (Available in White and Black)
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