Liston Brothers Pack The Pageant Saturday Evening   12/3/23

The Liston Brothers concert Saturday Evening at the Pageant was off the chart. SRO Crowd. Influential band with all-star musicians. From the stage, Danny thanked The Roots for effectively promoting the concert and urged the audience to check us out. Thank you, Danny!  Final song? Blue Mist, as the rain came down outside. An All-star evening. And a new CD from Pat premiered that night. Danny played two songs from his Hit CD Everybody,

The Roots also supported two sold-out concerts for Rogers & Nienhaus at The Wildey. and another for Jake’s Leg at The Pageant. We supported Pine’s Fest and The Mighty Pines in The Big Top in The Grand Center Arts District in October. Talk about saving the music. The Roots is committed to supporting our best St. Louis-based bands.

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