How to Listen

Top Five Ways to Listen to The Roots

There are many different ways to listen to The Roots, including eight free mobile apps. But The Roots app is the most popular, with the best features and thousands of downloads. The MyTuner Radio app is another must-have, available on most Smart TVs and Roku TV. After you feed your home theater system with The Roots, you will never be satisfied with FM radio again.

#1. The Free Roots Mobile App.

81% of Roots listeners use our Apple and Android mobile apps. Available in the Apple App and Google Play stores.

Screenshot Mobile App

#2 Our Web Site Link.

42% of Roots listeners use the link on our Web Site, connecting to St. Louis Classic Rock.

#3 Stereo System, Home Theater, Sonos Smart Speakers.

32% of Roots listeners use Sonos.

MyTuner Radio is part of your Sonos system and provides our highest CD-quality listening experience.

Screenshot App Logos

#4 Alexa.

25% of Roots listeners use Amazon Alexa. My favorite Echo device is the Show. Echo offers our CD-Quality stream when connected to your home Wi-Fi.

#5 MyTuner Radio.

18% of Roots listeners use MyTuner Radio apps for Sonos and most Smart TVs.

MyTuner Radio is part of your Sonos and is your ticket to an exceptional CD-quality listening experience.

MyTuner Radio-cropped