We Have A New Home

Our move from a 5,000 foot video production facility to a 400 ft space in a business incubator was a major undertaking, but we clearly made the right move. Our new broadcast playout system impowered most of our air-staff to work from their home studios. This dramatically reduced the amount of space we needed. Finding a small space with fiber, security and 24/7 access was almost impossible. But then we hit the jackpot. 

Medici MediaSpace provided flexible, collaborative business space for entrepreneurs to share resources and save money. Our new facility offers a wide variety of amenities including dedicated office space, with room to grow,  conference rooms, media studios, 2 recording studios and even podcast studios. There is even an event space that is suitable for live broadcasts with an audience of 250 people.

The picture above is our live air studio and production space. This is where I spend most of my day, working on member communications and managing the day to day. Our playout servers and massive music collection lives here. Ten separate computer systems call this small space home.  Our music collection requires 32 terabytes of RAID hard-drive space, which holds most of our CD files.

If there was a negative part of the move, it would be that the total project cost just under $5,000. That cost includes engineering, movers, power and AC upgrades.


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