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Another Great Mobile App Choice

My Tuner is a free app that is available almost everywhere for no charge.  Including; Apple App Store, Google Play, Mac App Store, Amazon App Store and Samsung Galaxy Apps.  Their directory includes links to streams from more than 200 countries.  My Tuner also includes links to thousands of podcasts.  Their list of the top 50 Podcasts in the USA is very useful to discover what people are listening to.

Finding The Roots is very easy. Just search for The Roots using the search tool in the lower right corner.  Once you get to The Roots listing hit the small star to mark us as your favorite.  Then the play button. You will immediately notice the only downside of the FREE app is that an adv pops up. In the upper right you will see a back X. Click it and the adv goes away. None of the ads bother the music.You can pay My Tuner a $2.99 fee and all the adv goes away. My Tuner also includes n EQ option as part of the $2.99 upgrade.  

If you press the small radio button you will see a nicer looking page where you will see Roots album art with a list of other similar radio stations below. We do not endorse any of those radio stations, because no other station is like The Roots. You will also see a. I inside a circle. That takes you to a page of info about The Roots. At the top of that page you will see three dots …  These include capabilities like Create Alarm, Play Song with Apple Music or Spottfy.

I also checked this app out with Apple Car Play and it worked well. So if saving a few bucks is one of your goals, this app will serve your needs.

Reviewed by John

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