Adding The Roots to Sonos

Here are the instructions to add The CD quality stream to your Sonos system. This must be done from the Sonos desktop menu. You can't do this from your cell phone.

(Step 1) Under Manage - Click "Add a Radio Station"

(Step 2) In the Sonos Field, "Streaming URL" Paste the following link.

(Step 3) In the Sonos Field, "Station Name" Enter whatever name you want, that won’t confuse it with Tune-In names. We Use: The ROOTS fm HD

(Step 4) The ROOTS fm HD will be added to the following Sonos menu.
RADIO > My Radio Stations

(Step 5) Click on "Add to my Sonos Favorites" This is more prominently displayed on your mobile app.

Looking for Tuner or Table Radio for The Roots

Grace Digital is the best place to find Internet Radios for home of office. We own most of the Graces radios and like them all very much. To add The Roots while doing their setup, search for  “Our Musical Roots. ”

Mondo+ Classic is a nice combination of a WiFi speaker & Internet radio. Bluetooth & Chromecast built in.  

Encore+ is a stereo radio & WiFi radio with Bluetooth, Chromecast, remote, alarm and Google assistant. 

Grace also offers each of the above under Refurbished/Internet Radio for less money. 

Grace also offers a number of HD broadcast radios. I own one and was not impressed. 

On Amazon you will find a couple of older Grace Radios for less money. Check out the Grace Digital - GDI-SXTTR2. Ocean Digital offers an Internet and FM tuner for $114.99 that looks just like the tuner we could from Grace.  www.

The Roots on Your Mobile Devices

When The Roots went silent almost three years ago, the Apple and Google app stores delisted our apps. But if you kept your old apps, they now work again. We will have new mobile apps in a month or so. But we do have three very good alternatives. 

StreamS HiFi Radio in the Apple App store only is a very good option. I have been using this app for 6+ years. Completely compatible with Apple Car Play, also has a sleep timer. Offers other stations as well and more. The developer charges $5.00. 

Receiver Radio is your radio app for IOS, macOS, Windows, Android, Fire TV and Apple TV. This app already supports The Roots and it rocks. Works great with Apple Car Play and Apple Watch. While I have not tested the FireTV or Apple TV, the IOS version works very well. If you need a new Android app, this is the one for you. And since TuneIn is being unresponsive, Receiver Radio is a great replacement for them. Also offers Sire shortcuts for IOS.  Cost is $399.00

My Tuner  is a free app that is available almost everywhere for no charge.  Including; Apple App Store, Google Play, Mac App Store, Amazon App Store and Samsung Galaxy Apps.  Their directory includes links to streams from more than 200 countries.  Search for  “The Roots” to find and like us”.  My Tuner also includes links to thousands of podcasts.  Their list of the top 50 Podcasts in the USA is very useful to discover what people are listening to. COST IS FREE.

Our HTML 5 Player is a great way to get The Roots on your phone. Load this URL into your browser

After you have opened it on your computer click on Player Apps on the top left. 

One the left,  4th choice down select Send player to mobile phone and follow their onscreen instructions. The other way to do it is paste the HTML link into your browser and bookmark it. The player works very well and costs nothing.