Free Form Classic Rock transports you back to the early days of progressive rock, the roots of classic rock radio. Each hour we build custom music sets focusing on the different styles of contemporary progressive music from the late 1960s, 70s and 80s. Your favorite classic rock artists are all here 24/7, with no commercials. We are listener supported.

The Album Collection You Wish You Still Had.

We focus on classic and deep tracks we bet you haven’t heard in many years. Ted calls us “the album collection you once had.” Many of the tunes you will hear on The Roots Radio never appeared on CD and were carefully transferred from the original classic LPs.
We dig deep into the important albums you used to listen to in their entirety. We touch very lightly on the Classic Rock hits and bands the Classic Rock stations play over and over again.

Our primary stream is 64K HE-AAC which provides very high-quality sound and still works well on mobile devices. Our second stream is called ROOTS2 is 128K HE-AAC which is CD quality. That high bit rate may not play well on mobile devices but will work well on Wi-Fi and wired connections. The audio quality will blow your mind.
Free Form Classic Rock, from The Roots.FM.

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Our call our studio line at 314-395-8918. Ext 118